17 Jul 2019  |  Emma Edwards

Hello, my name is Matthew and I attended ESTEEM charity for work experience. Before this, I had never done work experience, so I was interested to see what it was going to be like and what i was going to be doing. Over the week that I was there, I learnt many new things that I never knew before, like using new software, machines, etc, which helped me enjoy my experience there as a lot of it was new.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with ESTEEM, and would recommend it to anyone around my age range, even if they are not doing media as a subject. I consider myself very lucky to get a work experience that enjoyed attending everyday, as others I knew were not so fortunate.

Monday: On my first day at work experience for ESTEEM, it was mainly about learning where the fire exits are and about the other safety measures around the building alongside getting comfortable about the area and people. I was given a tour around the old school, alongside a small quiz to test our knowledge of the area and it’s safety precautions. Lunch break was next, it lasted about 45 mins and there was conveniently a co-op supermarket very nearby. I went on to learn about the different social medias that ESTEEM use to spread the word about themselves, and to organise the special events that occur. This experience on the first day was definitely a new one, as I have never done a job in a work environment before. This new experience meant that I was learning things that I had never known before,therefore rendering the whole process quite interesting. What made it much easier for me though was that the staff and everyone else there was welcoming and easy to talk to, which enabled me to understand everything more. I definitely had a positive start to doing work experience for ESTEEM on the first, so I was hopeful for the next day ahead of me.  

Tuesday: This day started off much earlier in the morning as I was required to take a train to Brighton station to get a meeting with sanctuary housing about planning a parade that was going to happen in a few weeks. When I got back from the trip I was required to makeup a profile of one of the possible clients that ESTEEM could have. As a bit of time passed, I had a small tutorial from one of the people working there about how to use a website called ‘hootsuite’, which allows ESTEEM to post and control all their main social media from one website. This day was interesting as I learned much from it and gained good experience through the meeting, and the tasks I completed throughout the work day. 

Wednesday: On wednesday I started off by answering questions about the profile of the possible clients of ESTEEM that I made on tuesday, which surprisingly was a very enjoyable task, as creating your own person is quite fun. I then went on to learn about a designing software named ‘canva’ which is similar to adobe photoshop, except it is much simpler and easier to learn. After i learnt the basics of canva, I did some testing with it so I could understand how to use it better, and then went on to create some posters for the recently named rooms (which was decided by a vote through ESTEEM), ‘the otter room’ along with ‘the hive’. When I finished the room posters, I then proceeded to create a poster about the pride parade that I went for the meeting on tuesday. After I had finished all the posters, the drop-in with ‘company paradiso’ began, and I participated with that. I enjoyed this day a lot as it is very interesting and fun learning a new software, and then using it to create something new. 

Thursday: This day started off with me completing some laminating work for the recently made posters to go on the front of two of the doors in the ESTEEM old school house. I had never done laminating before this, so once again this was a completely new experience for me that I was interested to know and learn about.

Friday: was a continuation of the use of ‘canva’ and concluding the whole experience writing up about my week’s experience.