We Work With Young Adults aged 14-26

Together we run group and 1-2-1 activities on a regular basis both in person and online. Find out what activities we offer:

At ESTEEM everything we do is based on our values of trust, support and respect.

Who We Are

The 6 Ways To Wellbeing

There are 6 proven areas that have been identified to help us improve our well-being.

These are sometimes called the 6 ways to well-being. At ESTEEM all of our activities contribute to the 6 ways to well-being.

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Young Adults eat pizza outside ESTEEM
Young Adult Filming
young people and staff make a hearts sign after doing a dance class
young adult and staff pull funny faces while cooking
boxing practice outside ESTEEM
young person gives the thumbs up in a kayak
young adult smiles while holding a paddle
young person shoots a bow
young person pretends to shoot a bow upwards

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