ESTEEM is committed to being an anti-racist organisation.

Our staff will always challenge racism and all other forms of hate speech.

  • We are dedicated to calling people in, rather than just calling them out. So our challenge will emphasise learning and where possible bringing people with us to make our community a safer and more inclusive space for everyone. 
  • If you ever witness any form of hate speech or abuse at ESTEEM, please let a member of staff know and we will take it from there.

We are actively working to reflect on our practice and dismantle systems of oppression, in ourselves, in our organisation, and in society at large. We understand that this does not happen overnight or through statements, and we are committed to real change. 

You can see our strategic anti-racism roadmap in this document. Our work is being led by our CO Cat Vizor and supported by an open working group of 8 members of staff who will report progress updates regularly as a standing agenda item at our staff team meetings.

A short summary of ESTEEM’s current Anti-Racism work:

Relationship building

  • We are working to build relationships with local inclusive grassroots organisations by offering them support and space. If you’re part of such an organisation please get in touch with our CO Cat at

Space for reflection and personal development:

  • We are creating a space for all staff to discuss and build on their anti-racist practice led by a trained external facilitator. This space will include time to discuss anti-racism, better understand and address staff biases, and share anti-racist reading and good practices.
  • We are looking at whether staff from ethnic minority backgrounds want to set up a space specifically for people from ethnic minority backgrounds to share their experiences. 
  • In the longer term, we would like to look at whether young adults from ethnic minority backgrounds would like a space to connect, talk and learn together. If you are interested in this please e-mail us at 

External training for staff

  • Our staff have participated in external training on inclusivity, diversity and intersectionality. 
  • We are actively seeking additional funding to provide additional anti-racist training to the whole staff team.

Reflecting on our relationship with larger organisations

  • We are working to better comprehend systemic and cultural issues within other large organisations and networks that we work with and consequently adapting how we work with them.

Removing internal barriers at ESTEEM

  • We are reviewing and amending our employment terms and conditions to reduce barriers to employment.
  • We will try to secure funding for an external consultant to perform an audit of ESTEEM and our practice. This audit will analyse barriers to access for ethnic minorities and what we can do more to be a truly inclusive organisation. 

We are only at the beginning of our journey with anti-racism, so we welcome your suggestions and feedback in this area. If you have an idea or feedback on how we can be a more inclusive organisation, please get in touch with our CO Cat Vizor at or contact any other member of our staff team.

(PLEASE NOTE: This statement is a working document and will be updated within the next two months!)