ESTEEM is committed to supporting our diverse community of LGBT+ young adults, staff and volunteers.

A new group just for LGBT+ young adults is just starting at ESTEEM. If you’re interested in joining please get in touch with Jinx (she/her).

Below we outline some of the LGBT+ inclusive practices we have in place: 

Challenging Abuse

  • Our staff will always challenge homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and all forms of hate speech. We are dedicated to calling people in, rather than just calling them out. So our challenge will emphasise learning and where possible bringing people with us to make our community a safer and more inclusive space for everyone.  If you ever witness any form of hate speech or abuse at ESTEEM, please let a member of staff know.

Information, Guidance and Signposting

  • ESTEEM is not an LGBT+ specialist charity, however, our staff and volunteers have access to resources to support you with a number of LGBT+ issues. This includes further resources and signposting on allyship, trans and non-binary information, and supporting LGBT+ people of colour.

Space to be your ‘Trueself’

  • Staff are externally trained in LGBT+ inclusion and allyship work. They will always make their work as LGBT+ inclusive as possible, for example respecting your preferred pronouns and reminding other people to do the same in an appropriate way.

Gender Neutral toilets and facilities. 

  • All of our toilets are gender-neutral, and all building users can self-select which they would like to use. 

We are always working to become a more inclusive organisation, so we welcome your suggestions and feedback in this area. If you have an idea or feedback on how we can be a more inclusive organisation, please get in touch with one of our Programme Managers at or with one of our LGBT+ Ambassadors below: