6 Apr 2017  |  Cat Vizor


ESTEEM and Co-op’s Local Community Fund:

When Members buy Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op will give 1% to a local cause, in this case its us Esteem.

The Co-op branch we are working with in our local community on Ham Road, Shoreham.


Co-op members have already earned over £4 million for over 4,000 local causes.

This money, along with money raised from carrier bag sales, is used to support local projects that benefit the community close to where you live.



What are the stages for this to be successful?

9 April – Our fundraising period ends.
13 April – Co-op let us know how much funding they have raised.
19 April – The grand total raised for causes across the UK is announced. Co-op colleagues will be thanking our members and customers for raising the money for their communities.
By 28 April – We will receive our funding via The Charities Aid Foundation.



The difference this funding makes to us, Esteem

The difference the funding will make is extremely helpful towards our projects in the community, such as our Outdoor Education and Devon Surf Trip.

The relationship also helps to raise the profile and awareness of our project to the community.


Select your cause

If you’re a member you can choose the local cause you want your own 1% to go to online.

Go online coop.co.uk/membership and make us your cause, theres only 3 days left to choose us!.