15 Jul 2020  |  Jon Rist

Monday 06/07/2020


Today was a slightly different work from home day as I was in London rather than Brighton but I still did my usual work hours from 10-6. I did my usual routine check of emails and covered a lot of modules on my first aid course. Yay! I also reached out to side out volleyball in Shoreham as they are now accepting court bookings. In the afternoon I had a meeting with Cat and we spent a lot of time going over the risk assessment for a photography activity next week.  It was very useful and has helped me understand how to do them in the future. 


Tuesday 07/07/2020


Today I cycled into work which was lovely as it was sunny. I received a call back from a company I had reached out to that runs equine therapy workshops. Although it may not be feasible for me to run this activity, it seemed very interesting and could potentially be useful for YA in the future. I also arranged a rounders session and photography session for the following week and made posters for these activities to send around to YA. Now that I have some experience with risk assessments I also need to do them for future activities. Cat left work early today but Jinx joined me in the office and also showed me how to lock up before we left. 


Wednesday 08/07/2020


Today was my usual work from home day with a cardio class scheduled for 1pm.  I also filmed the workout so it could be posted on ESTEEM’s instagram page.  Two young adults attended this which was nice and I got round to completing the wellbeing questionnaire forms to give to participants. Cat also ran me through the participation monitoring log which is filled out after each activity and I have started making one for the activities I will be delivering. I also sent out the posters for next week’s activities.


Thursday 09/07/2020


I spent most of the morning finalising the wellbeing participation log in order to send this to Cat so she could check it over. I also had a zumba class scheduled for 1pm. After this I made a phone call to happy valley riding school to chase up information as I had previously e-mailed them. Unfortunately they are unable to do classes or hacks for any beginners due to COVID restrictions. It is a shame that some activities can’t occur due to the current circumstances but I am looking forward to some in person activities next week. I also had a meeting with the youth leader who is going to be helping me lead the photography session next week. We are hoping to regularly host John Muir Award activities on a thursday so long as there is interest. 


Friday 10/07/2020


As usual, this morning started off with the weekly staff meeting and I think everyone was able to attend this time! Everyone has been very busy this week but it was good to catch up and share what we have been doing. On a Friday, it is important to make sure I update Connor about the next week’s activities so that he is able to post them on social media. I also shared this information with other staff members and on the whatsapp group in order to promote it as much as possible. On a Friday we also finish work a bit earlier, so today I finished at 4pm rather than 6pm.