12 Aug 2020  |  Jon Rist

Monday 03/08/20

This morning I had a lot to catch up on as I had a few days off work the week before due to illness. Sadly this also stopped me from attending the paddle boarding session I had planned. Thankfully, with the help of other staff members, this activity still went ahead and was a great success! I caught up on emails and had a phone catch up with Cat. Most of the day was spent catching up on the previous weeks tasks such as making a staff office rota, sending emails and advertising activities to young adults.



Tuesday 04/08/20

Today I went into the office as usual. I spent the morning working through admin tasks as I had organised volleyball for the afternoon. Volleyball went really well with a good mix of young adults showing up to take part. The weather was great and being able to play on the sand courts was a lovely experience. This activity will definitely be booked again in future as young adults were keen to do it again. When I returned to the office there wasn’t much time left before the end of the day. I organised the photos from volleyball and also arranged for Val (the founder of ESTEEM) to come along to the beach clean which is taking place at the end of next week. 


Wednesday 05/08/20

Today I spent some time going over my reflection and activity monitoring logs. A lot more young adults have been attending my activities and I have almost reached my goal of having 20 different people take part, which is great! In the afternoon I had a quick video call with Laura as she was helping me prepare to chair the staff meeting – something I have never done before. Laura helped guide me through the process and I managed to chair my first ever staff meeting successfully. After the meeting I spent some time creating a plan for the beach clean and BBQ  posters to the newest young adult at ESTEEM.


Thursday 06/08/20

Today I was back in the office. It was a lovely day and I had nature activities planned for the afternoon. We went to the beach to take some photos and then headed back to the old school house to build a bug hotel. It was a good activity and the young adults who took part were keen to take part in the John Muir Award. I also followed up about a photography workshop which is being arranged with Friends of Truleigh Hill as this would be very beneficial for those taking part in the John Muir Award and anyone interested in ESTEEM’s photography competition.


Friday 07/08/20

As it was the final day of the week, I made sure all planned activities for next week were sent to Connor as this ensures they are put on the social calendar. I also check my mailing list of young adults who may not be on the group chat to try and ensure they receive information about upcoming activities. By the end of the day, 6 young adults had already booked on to upcoming activities which was great! I also received some interest in the volunteer activities assistant role and will be arranging an interview for the coming week. All in all, this was a successful end to a busy week.