7 Jul 2020  |  Jon Rist

Monday 29/06/2020

I have been part of ESTEEM for a week now which is quite surreal! My typical day starts at 10am and finishes at 6pm, except for wednesdays when I also attend the weekly drop-in from 6pm-8pm. The first thing I do everyday is check my emails and make sure I have completed everything from the previous week. Anything outstanding is moved on to today’s to-do list. Today I spent time completing my introduction poster and well-being questionnaire, then I researched organisations in and around Sussex. I updated the project plan that Cat created for me and added some activity ideas so there is a wide variety to choose from when the time comes. 


Tuesday 30/06/20

Today was my first ever in-person work day! ESTEEM is 7 miles from where I live so I cycled, however, minutes after I left the house it started pouring with rain! Regardless, it was lovely to meet Cat in person and be in an actual work environment. Cat gave me a tour of the old school house and I did the induction quiz as well as the COVID questionnaire. Cat and I had a finance meeting and went over spending and recording money used on activities, then I had another staff meeting afterwards. Cat also suggested creating a volunteer role for someone to help with activities, so I spent some time refining and editing a job description for this. During our break, Cat showed me a small part of Shoreham and it was lovely! Even though the weather wasn’t great, I am looking forward to going again and being able to see more of it. 


Wednesday 1/07/20

Today consisted of various emails and planning a fitness class for YA. As classes are taking part online I decided to film the exercises and put them together in a short video which could be posted to ESTEEM’s instagram page. Having had a chat with some other staff members, we decided to try and make the instagram page more active and appealing to YA by documenting more activities that ESTEEM organises. I am also currently doing an online first aid training course in preparation for in person activities which will hopefully take place in the coming weeks. To finish off my day, I attended the Wednesday drop-in. This week it consisted of a quiz and ended with an online drawing game. 


Thursday 2/07/2020

Today was another regular work day. I had previously contacted Sian about ESTEEM taking part in the John Muir Award and today I managed to speak to her about how we can implement this as a group. It is a great way to plan some group outdoor activities and receive a small reward at the end for taking part. I also attended a drop-in planning session in which we came up with some nice ideas for future activities. 


Friday 3/07/2020

This morning began with a staff meeting which finished at around 11:30. It is a good way to get members to check in and discuss what they have been doing throughout the week. Pixie and I have also got the ball rolling with the John Muir Award and have created a whatsapp group for young adults interested in taking part. I also had a go at doing a risk assessment which is new to me! Cat is currently very busy with interviews but we will be going over it next week so that I am able to do risk assessments for activities I will be carrying out.