21 Jul 2020  |  Jon Rist

Monday 13/07/2020


Today I started my day off as usual at 10am. After some emails I finished off the last couple of modules for my first aid course! I also had a virtual workout class in the afternoon. I am really keen to organise a beach clean so I did some research for this and sent round a couple of e-mails. Ideally I would like to organise a silent disco beach clean but it will take a while to do this. To finish off the day I had a catch up with Cat. 


Tuesday 14/07/2020


Today I cycled into work which was lovely. During the morning I reached out to a few more organisations after having a chat with Cat about the beach clean idea. I also tried to arrange a workshop with Lush but unfortunately they are not running anything due to COVID. During the afternoon I had my first in-person activity. I planned a rounders game but unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough of us to do a proper match. However, we took a football and frisbee along too so we ended up just enjoying different activities in the park which was fun!


Wednesday 15/07/2020


Today I spent some time phoning different organisations in order to set up some watersports. I’m really keen to organise stand up paddle boarding as this seems like one of the most wanted activities. The weekly staff meeting took place in the afternoon today rather than Friday due to some staff being unable to attend Friday meetings. It felt strange having it mid week but I’m sure everyone will adjust quickly. I also made and sent a poster around for badminton which will be happening next week straight after activities in the park. Today also happened to be youth skills day and the drop-in focused around this. As part of the youth skills day, I will be filming a taco making session for members of ESTEEM to watch and try for themselves. 


Thursday 16/07/2020


Today I cycled into ESTEEM again as I had a photography session planned. During the morning I made a few orders of things we needed in order to do a deep clean of the building and I also ordered a badminton set that everyone will have access to! I also had a chat with a new young person who is joining ESTEEM as she was very interested in nature photography. 


Friday 17/07/2020


Today I prepared posters for the next few weeks of activities. One of the activities requires additional resources so I had to do an order of a couple of things. I also made an account with Sideout which is a volleyball club in Worthing. They offer sand courts which I think would be fun to book for a game in the next few weeks. I also made contact with an outside organisation called Friend of Truleigh Hill as this could work well with the John Muir Award project that is going on. After contacting some young people about activities, I finished the day by making a short plan of things to get done next week. I have a few more risk assessments and plans I need to finalise to ensure activities can go ahead.