16 Feb 2023  |  Andy Nall-Cain

Join us for a deep-dive look at our confidential staff satisfaction and wellbeing survey results.

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What’s going well at ESTEEM?

The vast majority of the survey results showed positive feedback, with only around 4% of all given responses questions being negative.

Every member of staff agreed to these statements:

  • I enjoy the work I do and I’m proud to work for ESTEEM.

  • ESTEEM actively encourages staff to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • I feel appreciated and valued.

  • I am trusted to do my job and/or make decisions that are relevant to my role.

  • I believe in the aims of ESTEEM and would recommend them as an employer.

However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. There was plenty of space for learning from the survey.

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What can we improve on?

At ESTEEM we are a big fan of action research (sometimes called participatory action research). Building observation, reflection and planning into everything we do. This survey is no different.

Below we’ve outlined some of the areas where ESTEEM has the most room for improvement and the steps we’ve already taken to address these issues.

  • My workload is manageable, and I do not feel under pressure to work long hours.
pie chart showing that 9.1% completely agree, 63.5% almost agree, 18.3% neither agree or disagree and 9.1% slightly disagree.

Two members of staff neither agreed nor disagreed with this statement, and one member of staff (9%) disagreed with the statement, showing that we haven’t made it all the way with staff workloads. Job security came up across various responses to this question.

Alongside this scoring, the staff offered a number of suggestions on how we could improve things.

We have taken action on a number of these suggestions:

  1. Job contacts have been decoupled from funding deadlines, and our remuneration policy has been reviewed.
  2. A new project workflow was introduced, with a proposal template and steps for agreeing to new projects. This includes ‘locks’ to ensure there is enough capacity across the team for a new project before it is greenlit.
  3. We have created new roles and responsibilities ‘cheat sheet’, outlining what staff can help each other with (and by extension, what they can’t).
  4. We now ensure that all of our meetings meet the 5 P’s to be productive and valuable to everyone who is in them.
  5. We have introduced a year-long team project timeline to identify pinch points early and plan for them.

We acknowledge that this is still a work in progress, and look forward to reviewing this finding in next years survey results.

How does your organisation handle workload and capacity? If you have some advice, we’d love to hear it. Get in touch with us at hello@esteem.org.uk.

Sasha simles holding up a tie-dyed T-Shirt
  • ESTEEM is doing everything it can to reduce its impact on the environment.

This is one of the survey’s most divisive statement responses, with each area of the scale selected to reflect our views. In addition to the comments below, concerns around leaving the heating on when not needed and the need for clarification around what steps we are taking to reduce impact were highlighted. 

A few members of staff suggested that we need to do more to reduce our impact on the environment.

We have begun to take these actions on their suggestions:

  1. ESTEEM has signed up to the ‘ethical consumer’ website to ensure ethical considerations are taken into account quickly and systematically with as many of our purchases as possible.
  2. Several young adult-led environmental projects have been facilitated since the survey, including a beach clean and a young adult-led edible garden patch at ESTEEM.
  3. A young adult volunteer, Nathan, conducted a survey examining how local young adults feel about the environment and the significant barriers to environmental action. You can read his article on the advantage of positivity.
  4. However, we acknowledge more needs to be done. Our CO Cat has started drafting a new volunteer role at ESTEEM to help hold us to account for our actions on the environment. You can register your interest by e-mailing Cat today at Cat.Vizor@esteem.org.uk

The environment is an incredibly important topic for many of our staff, with a few coming from backgrounds in environmental action. We know there is still more to be done in this area, and that we’re still at the beginning of our journey to being a truly sustainable organisation.

Are you in a youth organisation that is thinking about your environmental impact? We’d love to hear from you about what’s worked and what hasn’t. Please get in touch at hello@esteem.org.uk.

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Staff pose after a staff safeguarding training session

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