25 Feb 2016  |  Cat Vizor


We decided to save on accommodation costs and make a longer trip yesterday and today. Somehow we did 85km in 6.5hrs! Probably as it was thye home run and the fact that it was bucketing down! The whole trip previously was beautiful sunshine but today was way too soggy for our liking.

Being on the roads made for much faster cycling than the cycle pistes as they wind all over the place and don’t have smooth surfaces, but they are so much more pleasant and relaxing than having huge lorry’s thundering past and being sprayed with wood chips in the back wind.

We did the who 540km in two days less than expected but I think this was mainly due to having to rearange our route several times. The train strike meant we couldn’t stick to our original plan – Montpellier to Seignosse – where we had the whole trip pre organised, with accommodation and YHA’s etc. But in the end it worked out well this way. We met so many lovely people who were kind enough to either let us stay at no costs or gave us discounts.