30 Aug 2018  |  Emma Edwards

We caught up with Ruva at the end of her time as ESTEEM’s intern, running activities and  sporting sessions over the last two months. A big thanks for all the hard work she has put into the charity, many of the young people have had opportunity to try new sports and meet new friends.

How have you found working for ESTEEM?

“I have found it interesting and rewarding, i’ve developed as a person and meet lots of different people, i’ve had to adapt to different situations and push myself, i’ve learnt new things about myself which I didn’t think that i’d do on an internship and it’s set the path for how i’m going to build my future career and personal development. I’ve really appreciated how the team conducted themselves as characters and that they are easy to approach with any problem or situation. They are always willing to evaluate situation, look at things that maybe haven’t gone to well, celebrate the good and move forward from mistakes. The young adults have been great and i’ve been able to look back on things i’ve done and grow as a person. Getting to meet and know some young adults and seeing them open up to me has opened my eyes to different situations.”

What have been some of the highlights of the sports project?

“My main highlight was everyone turning up on time for the paintballing! Without having to call them! I liked the windsurfing with everyone pushing and trying to get it right, i’ve also seen some people who started off quiet at the beginning of the project breaking down their barriers talking more and i’ve enjoyed getting to know others and being someone who they can open up with.

There have also been some funny highlights seeing a young adult being knocked over by a windsail and playing quick cricket one afternoon although there was only a small group it was fun, everyone got involved and it turned into a pretty intense game. It’s been really good to see people smiling at the end of an activity and asking about the next activity, having a good momentum for it.

I’d personally never tried a number of the sports such as climbing and i really enjoyed paddle boarding which i hadn’t done before, i’d like to do this again.” 

Thank you Ruva from all at ESTEEM,we wish you all the best in the future!