4 Oct 2022  |  Anita Aleksandrova

Pablo is a young adult who volunteered at ESTEEM for 7 weeks this summer. He helped with web design, had the chance to develop personal projects, and most importantly, had fun. This is what Pablo had to say about this experience with ESTEEM:

What were your usual tasks at Esteem?

I had a good balance of tasks and things to learn within the charity. For example, painting the podcast room and the pride flag was easy and enjoyable. It was a good change from the things I normally do. I learnt some technical and creative skills by editing a number of videos and updating the website. Besides the office work, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in sports activities and boxing sessions. 

What have you gained from being at  Esteem?

Definitely some filming and editing skills. A step further for me in the creative field. One of my biggest successes is how much I have improved my English skills in 7 weeks. I’m very grateful for my time at ESTEEM and also for the people I met along the way.

What were your best moments at ESTEEM? 

I enjoyed the laser zone a lot as well as the VR. Both were completely new experiences to me. It was impressive to see how you can do virtual painting. 

I worked on some personal projects which were very satisfying and fulfilling. Some of the projects were more “Nature- oriented” like the group beach clean we did, others were focused on improving my fitness and well-being. I wrote articles about it which were later published on ESTEEM’s website.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? 

I am going back to Germany where in 2 years I’ll be finished with my degree. After that, I’m looking forward to travelling, to explore the world and myself. When I finish travelling, I plan to go back to education. 

Thank you Pablo for your HUGE contribution to ESTEEM. You made a big impression on everyone here over your short stay, and we can’t wait to hear about what you get up to next!

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Interview by Nathan Bourne and Edited by Anita Aleksandrova