28 Jun 2019  |  Emma Edwards

Over the past two weeks ESTEEM have been delighted to host two students from Italy, below they share their experience and what they have learnt. 

My two weeks at ESTEEM Arianna

My name’s Arianna, I’m fifteen, I’m from Italy and I worked with Andrea as a volunteer at ESTEEM for two weeks. Before starting I felt really enthusiastic because it would have been my first work experience; on the other hand, I was questioning how it was going to be, as it wasn’t very clear to me how this organisation actually works.

We started on Monday 17th preparing the resources for activities related to the Refugee Week. On Wednesday we had to perform more practical tasks, such as shopping in a grocery store and cooking for 15 people. Later in the week we worked at the ESTEEM Arboretum (I made some labels to tie on the different trees with names and descriptions of the plants and we also did some gardening), prepared other activities for Refugee Week and joined an Art Workshop, related to that. I also got to spend the evening with some young people at ESTEEM twice, eating dinner together, and I understood better how people interact with each other at ESTEEM.

At ESTEEM I had the opportunity to speak English and to improve it. I also got to expand my knowledge  about immigration in several different countries, to share my experience about immigration in my country and compare the Italian situation and feeling with the British one. Cooking was a really challenging activity, but in the end I was quite proud of the result. Also I was almost completely new to gardening, so I found it interesting and most of all fun.

In the end I think I can say that I understood properly what ESTEEM is and what it does for young people in Shoreham, even though I know there’s still so much to learn about it. I have no doubt I really appreciated these two weeks at ESTEEM, where I felt welcome, I got to challenge myself and it helped me enjoying my first time in the UK. People at ESTEEM are really kind and welcoming and they supported me a lot in every task they assigned me. I think in the future I will look back to my experience at ESTEEM as an example of an organisation that really helps young people.


Two weeks with ESTEEM by Andrea

Hello my name is Andrea and I have been volunteering with ESTEEM over the last 2 weeks, below is a diary of my work experience. 

Monday: On Monday I was very happy about starting work because i have never worked before. When i was there i created a three hour playlist on spotify of refugees who have become famous artist and I also created a little game for the other guys with english words and their meanings. I have learnt about speaking english with other people and liked the community and friendship. I found some of the words in english hard and i feel proud about traveling in and the level of english i’ve used. 

Wednesday: I liked today very much because I have never spent a lot of time with people with a foreign language. When I arrived I started to answer some questions from ESTEEM and created my personal ESTEEM email. Then I started a challenge and went with my friend Arianna to the supermarket to get food for the evening bbq. I made some potato salad and some fried mushrooms and spoke with the other guys. 

Thursday: Today i went to the ESTEEM arboretum, near the river of Shoreham by Sea, I planted a lot of little flowers and some plants with my friend Arianna. It was very exciting because we went to the arboretum with Valerie and she told us the name of the flowers and object we used to plant them.

Week 2

Monday: On Monday I went to the supermarket with Jackie to buy some food for the dunner and then we cooked for about 20 people! We cooked the chicken with a lot of potatoes and a vegetarian dinner with salad potatoes and cheese. It was very good because i never cooked for 20 people! 

Tuesday : I was very tired today because I went back to the arboretum to finish the work of the day before and then when we finished we returned to ESTEEM and tidied out one of the big cupboards.

Friday : This was my last day, I worked at the computer and wrote about my time at ESTEEM before walking around the town. 

My summary of the 2 weeks 

It was very good to stay here at ESTEEM because i learnt English very rapidly and enjoyed the relationships with the staff. I very much liked doing the cooking.