22 Mar 2019  |  Emma Edwards

Hello my name is Chloe and from Monday 18th until Friday 22nd of March 2019 I’ve been on work experience at ESTEEM. Throughout the week I’ve been scheduling and posting things on ESTEEM’S social media channels along with various other creative activities. I have been interested in social media and the impact it has on young people so wanted a placement where i could involve this as well as wanting something that would use my creativity.

On the first day I felt very nervous as I didn’t know what anyone was like or if I would like it. I soon found out everyone here is lovely and will help if it’s needed. I met Emma Edwards (Project Manager of ESTEEM) who would be my supervisor for the week, along with a lot of unique, fun and kind people who worked here and/or came here for the benefits that coming to ESTEEM has to offer. I learnt that ESTEEM help young adults and support them when they need it. I also learnt that different social media platforms have different audiences and posts should be worded differently for each platform in order to have the most impact. At first I found it difficult to think of different ways to word things so that it would be effective for the different target audiences but I got the hang of it relatively quickly.

On the seconded day I was quite scared as I was going to a suicide prevention conference at Worthing Rugby Club run by Coastal West Sussex NHS Partnership with Emma and Cat Vizor (ESTEEM’s C.O.). It was a different environment to what I’m used to and comfortable with as there was a lot of people but being with Emma and Cat really helped me feel more comfortable as they’re both really understanding and overall are two of the nicest people I’ve met. I was tweeting throughout the day about the event. Along with other small tasks I was asked to do, such as writing up notes and handing out leaflets about the charity .

By day three I felt more confident with coming to ESTEEM but I was still a little nervous. I designed some mugs for ESTEEM’s Etsy shop and did some other tasks around the office; Like posting more on social media and typing up notes. I learnt that ESTEEM  sometimes use a program called canva to design banners, posters and any other informative items for displays. I also learnt that some days at ESTEEM are busier than others as some people only come in on specific days to volunteer or take part in activities.  It was more calm and quiet today which i enjoyed as it was a lot easier to ask for help or let people know when I had finished a task.

On day four I was fine and felt confident coming in to ESTEEM because I knew my travel plans to come in, catching the train by myself was a new things for me and I had got to know everyone well. I was shown how to use a heat mug press machine in order to transfer my designs on to a mug. I pressed my design but had to alter some of my images so that they would fit the shape of the mug properly and that my design was clear. I learnt more about problem solving and creativity as i adapted my designs to make them work. I also learnt that ESTEEM sometimes make stuff to sell in order to raise money for the project and a way young people can earn through making products. I also did some office admin tasks such as labelling as the old labels didn’t look neat and some were coming off. I was on social media again, advertising opportunities and scheduling posts of the weeks ahead.

On my last day I scheduled ESTEEM’S upcoming posts and did some cleaning as i made a mess yesterday when relabelling the folders. I was completely comfortable with coming in as everyone at ESTEEM are amazing. Today was quite calm and enjoyable, I have learned through this experience that i am not a turtle who hides away into my shell and is unable to talk to people but and i can talk to people and make conversation.

In conclusion I think ESTEEM is great. I’m really glad I did my work experience here as I don’t think I would’ve been supported and helped as much in another workspace. In the future I have learnt that I don’t have to be scared to talk to people and that i can finish tasks and not leave things half done. Everyone at ESTEEM are really kind and are generally amazing people. I loved the time I’ve spent here and hope I get more opportunities to volunteer with ESTEEM in the future.