1 Jul 2021  |  Daniel Storey

-Why do you think this report is important?

“I think it’s important because it shows how much ESTEEM has developed over the last year. It’s been such a challenging time, and in this report I’ve had the opportunity to really go into how ESTEEM changes or develops to cater for everyone’s needs and keep everyone safe, but also still continue offering support.  

“It shows the adaptability of the organization, and how much of an impact Covid had, but how there have been positives there.”

-Why should young adults care about this report?

“Young adults should care about this report because they’ve played a really huge part in it. Something mentioned in the report is that the feedback from Young adults has been a vital part of how ESTEEM makes changes and how we move on as an organisation. They should care as it shows how simbiotic the relationship is between young adults and ESTEEM as a charity.”

-How has the experience of writing this report been for you?

“It’s definitely come with its own set of challenges, but it’s made me realise how much has been happening at ESTEEM at a time when you think not much is happening. The report has shown me that ESTEEM is always working to achieve its goals and reinforce its values.

“There’s so much happening behind the scenes, all the time, I guess people don’t necessarily realise how much really is going on ESTEEM.”  

-How have you found it being a part of the ESTEEM team?

“Being part of the esteem team has been amazing. Everyone I’ve worked with here has been really supportive and I’ve always felt that I could ask a staff member for help if I needed it. It’s just been a very positive experience working here. I’ve felt very happy working at ESTEEM.” 

-Additional words

“I just wanted to mention, with ESTEEM looking for a new home and funding, it’s so important that we find these things, as I’ve seen, first hand, how much young adults have developed and how much they gain as a result of the organization. 

Without organizations like ESTEEM, it leaves a lot of young adults without that support that is essential for that stage in life, where there’s a lot of unknowns and uncertainties. So it’s really important that people support ESTEEM.”