4 Jun 2021  |  Carla Dems

“It’s a small amount of time that can make a big difference, so why not?”

Martin started mentoring with us over lockdown, and on his first visit to our building, with COVID restrictions changing, Carla sat down to interview him about what it’s been like so far.

Mentor Martin with two Chihuahuas

What does your role involve?

I’m a mentor. I see my role as supporting, encouraging, and motivating—creating a place to reflect and talk about what is going on.

Why do you volunteer for ESTEEM?

I’m a nurse by background, and up until about three years ago, I was working clinically and seeing people. In the current role I’m in now, I don’t have the option to work directly with people, so one of my main motivating factors for volunteering at ESTEEM was that I could spend some more time with people face-to-face.

How has the experience been for you so far?

It’s great at ESTEEM. It’s a wonderful place. It’s a place that has wonderful values that I really admire and appreciate.

Would you encourage others to volunteer, and if so, why?

100%. It’s a small amount of time that can make a big difference, so why not?  If you’ve got a bit of time, why not make it of value to someone else?

What is the best part of working at ESTEEM, and being a mentor?

One of the best parts of working at ESTEEM is building a relationship that’s helpful to people. I’m significantly older than the young adults, so having some experience that I can impart and share is great. And I hope that people can perhaps learn something from my experiences. It’s nice to be helpful, I think!

Are you interested in volunteering at ESTEEM? If you’re 26+ you can get involved as a mentor, counselor, or activities volunteer. If you’re under 26 you can get involved as a media or activities volunteer too!

To find out more information, email us at hello@esteem.org.uk or call +44 7490 447333 To find out more about becoming a mentor, see: our role description and application form