20 Mar 2019  |  Emma Edwards

ESTEEM are extremely fortunate to have a team of runners at The Brighton 10k. Sue is part of our team and you can sponsor her here: https://esteem.charitycheckout.co.uk/pf/sue-haseltine

My name is Sue Haseltine and I’m a professional artist specialising in painting and printmaking from nature. I also teach art to adults. I love all sorts of sports including climbing, circus skills, running, cycling off-road, skiing and hiking. I heard about the event through Cat Vizor, from Esteem, when we met on a trip to Scotland and I was talking about building up to running a 10km. 

I’ve been in one running event before which was a 5km for Cancer Research, that was the first time I’d run a continuous 5km and was a few years ago. This will be my first 10km, I’m not sure I’ve ever run that far before now although I’m building up to it. I’m excited about running for Esteem and taking part in the BM10km and hope to raise a good amount of funds for the charity.

I am training for the event and have been building up my distance over the last few months. I started running again late last year after a long illness. I built up to 5km just after Christmas and have been slowly increasing mileage since then – I’m loving running, it’s exhilarating and a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors and travel through the landscape. I’m quite nervous about running a full 10km but I think the hardest part of running is getting up to 5km, then it’s a case of slowly building up the distance, I hope I’ll be able to run the whole race rather than walking any. I’m not a very fast runner so anticipate being around 1hr15mins for 10km approximately, all going well. 

I think Esteem do great work with young people that makes a real difference to their future which is why I’m so excited to be running for them and I appreciate them putting their faith in me.