18 Mar 2019  |  Emma Edwards

We interviewed Matthew who is kindly running 10K as part of Brighton’s Marathon weekend for ESTEEM.

You can sponsor Matthew here : https://esteem.charitycheckout.co.uk/pf/matthew-lay

ESTEEM: Please can you introduce yourself?

Matthew: My name is Matthew and I currently work as an associate accountant at Peter Jarman Certified Chartered Accountants in Shoreham. I heard about the event through our head of marketing Disney whom currently also works as a graphic designer for ESTEEM. She suggested that it would be a great opportunity to raise awareness and raise some money for a worthwhile cause. I enjoy keeping fit and love getting out on my road bike, I have played volleyball at a relatively high standard both at local & national league standard and love to travel. I have been to numerous places in both Europe and America and have an upcoming trip planned to Australia.

Have you ever been part of a running event before?

This will actually be my very first running event, however it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time! I will be running alongside my colleague George who will also be raising money on behalf of ESTEEM.

How are you feeling about running the 10k?

Slightly nervous seeing as it is my first official running event, however I think that both George and I will make good time and raise as much money as we can in the process.

Are you training for the event? 

Yes, both George and I have been going on regular runs after work along Shoreham beach. I am actively trying to eat better and train outside of work and intend to make the most of my gym membership!

What time are you aiming for on the day?

I don’t think I will stand much chance at closing down on the men’s 10K record time! But ideally somewhere between the hour and hour and fifteen mark would be great.

Why would you like to run for ESTEEM? 

I want to give something back to the local community and believe that raising money and awareness for such a great cause will go a long way. Each and every person deserves the best chance in life and I think that we should be giving these young adults the chance they so rightfully deserve.