8 Apr 2019  |  Emma Edwards

We interviewed Lisa who is kindly running 10K as part of Brighton’s Marathon weekend for ESTEEM.

You can sponsor Lisa here : https://esteem.charitycheckout.co.uk/pf/lisa-taylor

ESTEEM: Please can you tell us a little about yourself?

Lisa: My name is Lisa Taylor and I work as Executive Assistant at Breathe! Breathe have started to support ESTEEM this year which is how I’ve come to know them. For each new account that signs up we make a donation to help with the amazing work they do! Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends 🙂

E: Have you ever been part of a running event before and how are you feeling about running the 10k for ESTEEM?

L: I ran my first 10km event last September in Barns Green, West Sussex. Its a great local event and was such an incredible feeling that putting the time and effort into training got a good time on the day! I’ve now signed up to 6 events this year! Brighton 10km for ESTEEM will be my 2nd – I feel privileged to be asked to run for them. The atmosphere at an event like this will really spur everyone on!! 🙂

E: Are you training for the event, how is it going?

L: The training is going well! With the lighter mornings I’m even getting out before the school run and work some days 🙂

E:  What time are you aiming for on the day?

L: If I could get a time below 55 minutes mark that would be great!! However, I’m really just happy to be supporting the charity and look forward to watching the marathon to

E:  Why would you like to run for ESTEEM?

L: I’d like to run for ESTEEM to help raise more awareness of them. ESTEEM do wonderful things to help 16-24 year old’s gain important life skills, develop confidence and improve well-being.