2 Sep 2021  |  Daniel Storey

Every Sunday, around 4pm, Jon and volunteer Katie collect groceries from local supermarkets and food suppliers, including the Co-op, Tesco and Higgidy Pies, separate them into packages, and deliver them to the doors of those in need of a helping hand. 

Jon’s been doing this since the COVID pandemic started. He says it began as a way of helping out young people, and their families during a financially trying time, but the response has been so positive, he’s carried it on as we begin to ease out of lockdown. 

Deliveries are made up of a meat or vegetarian option with vegetables, pastries, bread, ready meals, and a choice of meat or veggie meat substitutes. Jon also likes to prepare deliveries with consideration to what people like and dislike.

One young couple who receive the deliveries emphasised how important having a weekly selection of food has been to them:

“It’s been very, very helpful, very consistent as well, the consistency is great. We always get a variety. I’m vegetarian, but everyone else at home eats meat, so to get a variety is really helpful. 

“We would definitely recommend it to people considering it; it makes life easier, saves money and reduces waste.”

– Young Adult Couple

Jon is passionate about redistributing food and encouraging healthy eating, and his weekly food deliveries are a great way of doing so, while also easing the expenses some people struggle to cover.

Jon said:

It’s great to be able to offer local young people healthier food options which they may not have had the chance to explore otherwise.

A young person who recieves the deliveries clearly agrees:

“It gives us an opportunity to try things we never would have tried otherwise.”

– Young Adult

If you feel that you could benefit from a weekly food delivery be sure to contact a member of ESTEEM staff.

Jon runs Company Paradiso who, in partnership with ESTEEM, do the weekly deliveries.