9 Aug 2022  |  Pablo Franko

a group of people with boxing gloves smile at the camera

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”

Tony Robbins (American self-help author and public speaker)

My name is Pablo Franko. I’m a young adult volunteer at ESTEEM visiting from Germany. I am doing an internship for seven weeks and for five weeks I went to the 360 gym in Shoreham. I tested how it affects my well-being, motivation level, and my body.

I usually train three times a week and split my workouts into upper body days (biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder, and back) and leg days (leg, butt, stomach). Furthermore, I joined the ESTEEM boxing sessions on Fridays (see picture).

Independently on which part of the body I train, I start with a short warm-up, which is 5 minutes of jogging. After that, I row for 5 minutes especially to warm up my upper body. Before I start the training I stretch my whole body for 5 minutes. Then I train for approximately 60 minutes and end with a cool down, which can be jogging or cycling for 5 minutes.

Everyone strives to become happy at some point in his/her/their life. Hence everyone has to consider their own well-being. One of the six steps to mental well-being is being physically active. I want to make my own experiences about how being active affects my personal well-being. Before and after a workout session, I try to stop for a moment and get an impression of how I feel.

My experiences were purely positive.

  • After a training session obviously, I felt a bit exhausted, but also got a lot of new energy and motivation. Furthermore, I felt very happy and satisfied on the one hand because I did something for my physical well-being and to improve my body, but on the other also mentally. Furthermore, it trained me to motivate myself to go to the gym three times a week.
  • It helped me to plan my day because I have a steady schedule that I have to hold on to. That really helped me because I often waste my time just because I don’t have a strict schedule.
  • At some point, very confusing, sad, or bad things happened. These days I really looked forward to going to the gym. It’s a very good opportunity to concentrate only on the training and forget all the things that are going on in your life. I really enjoyed the mood or the feeling just to be in the gym because it felt like a safe space where I could escape.

I can definitely recommend going to the gym. I got a lot of benefits from it. If you want to build up muscles you have to be very patient and train regurlary, but everything is possible. Going to the gym can also help you have better well-being, get new energy and motivation, and learn how to motivate yourself. If something bad happens in your life, the gym is one of the best opportunities to focus on something else and stop thinking about it. Furthermore, it can help you to schedule your day and create your routine. If you don’t want to go to the gym because it’s too expensive or you feel uncomfortable training in front of other people you can also train very well at home. You can do a lot with your body weight or tools, which are not as expensive as the gym. On YouTube are a lot of videos and tutorials with ideas for exercises and advice on how to do or not to do them.