22 Jan 2021  |  Cat Vizor

*Community Appeal*

Our time at the council-owned Old School House has been rewarding beyond words, there has been plenty of laughter, and even some tears. But we’ve grown rapidly in size and have heard that we can’t stay there in the long term, so it’s finally time for us to move on to bigger and better spaces.

From the Mentors who volunteer their time, to the local businesses’ who donate food to us, our greatest strength is the amazing local community which powers our organisation. Now, as we are looking for a new home, we’re reaching out to our local community and beyond for ideas and support.

Two Young Adults do some graffiti outside of Old School House

Getting Creative outside Old School House


*How to help?*

Do you have an idea of a space we could move to? Or could you offer general support? You can email us at newhome@esteem.org.uk

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Thanks for the memories Old School House…


*What are we looking for?* 

We know from Young Adults, it’s essential we keep a presence in Shoreham-by-Sea.

As such we’re looking for spaces which are available locally. At a push, we could extend some of our services beyond Shoreham for example to Worthing or Lancing.

We are looking for a single building which includes all of the below, or multiple premises which together are made up of:

  • A large room for group activities and training
  • Office space with at least 6 desks
  • A smaller room for counselling and mentoring sessions
  • A kitchen and dining area

Ideally, the space would be:

  • Be disability accessible
  • Close to or include some outdoor space
  • Located in a central, easily accessible location
  • Include some outdoor space

*Why do we need a space in the pandemic?* 

We learnt from the first lockdown, when we cancelled all in-person work, that this had a very damaging impact on young adults wellbeing.

This time around, following government guidance, we are one of the few local youth projects to provide some COVID-safe, in-person support for young adults. It’s essential that we are still able to provide this during the pandemic and beyond.


The double pincers of COVID-19 and continuous national government cuts have put youth services under incredibly intense pressure. This has made our work more essential than ever before.


Again, if you’d like to offer your support, or have any ideas for a new space, please email us at newhome@esteem.org.uk or 07490447333


Thank you!


The ESTEEM management team


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