31 Jul 2018  |  Emma Edwards

5am and everyone is gathered outside the School House bleary eyed but jumping up and down with a mixed bag of nerves & excitement. We were a bit worried about all the stuff we had to fit into hand luggage but we blagged it fine!

It was Woodie’s first flight and to celebrate James made some disappointing muffins 🙂 We can feel the heat as we step out into Toulouse, it was like being sizzled like roast beef. Splitting into two teams, 8 went in the minibus & 4 in the car and we eventually all met up at the Gite de Germ.

We all jumped into the pool and threw the ball at each other and then the phat rain started! We shared our first dinner together of feta salad followed by fritata & vegetables.  We were exhausted but we made plans for the first day of the hike to start at 8.30am!

Pool in the mountains