27 Jan 2020  |  Connor Jarvis

I have been volunteering at ESTEEM for roughly two months now, and I have already made so much progress. Coming to ESTEEM has helped me begin to get over my anxiety by encouraging me to be more independent.

Originally, I signed up to be a Media & Communications Assistant, dealing with social media and public relations. However, I soon developed to become the IT Officer of ESTEEM, dealing with all IT-related projects and maintenance, while still doing some media work on the side.

My time here has given me a lot of useful experience that I can use in a potential future job in the IT industry. For example, early on, I led a project to set up four new desktop PC workstations. These new PCs needed new hard drives installed, as well as an operating system. I had never dealt with installing hard drives or operating systems before, but, with the help of a colleague, I managed to discover how to do this, which has provided me with very valuable skills for the future.

I have also been keeping an inventory of all our IT equipment, noting faults to be diagnosed and fixed later. Additionally, I have set up an Ethernet switch to connect all the new PCs to the internet; I have serviced all the old laptops, installing updates, doing virus scans, and taking unfixable laptops to a repair shop to be looked at by an expert. This has improved my confidence slightly, as I am now working more independently.

In addition to all of this, I have also been able to get a mentor through ESTEEM, who works in the IT industry, and has provided me with useful insights and guidance on getting a job in IT.

Before finding out about ESTEEM, my job-searching had come to a standstill, but now it feels like I’m finally moving forward again. I would definitely recommend ESTEEM to any young person struggling to find employment.