16 Oct 2023  |  Andy Nall-Cain

At ESTEEM, wellbeing is a priority for everyone. Our staff team believe it’s important to model good well-being practices for ourselves and the young adults we work with.

As such, we came together to create a shared commitment to well-being across our team, ‘a team charter’ to help us define mutual expectations and individual responsibilities regarding our well-being.

Below are the ten goals we decided on as a starting point in our team charter and wellbeing journey:

Staff and young adults play beach volleyball during one of ESTEEM’s quarterly wellbeing weeks.

Team Charter 

  1. We will always approach situations and each other with good intent, assuming the best in each other and supporting one another. 
  1. We will value and respect our own and others’ time and effort at work. 
  1. We strive to create a positive culture of feedback at ESTEEM with the intention of improving our practice and growing as both individuals and a team. 
  1. We celebrate the diversity of our team and value each other’s strengths and contributions. 
  1. We recognise the importance of clear and honest communication throughout the team and make an effort to consider individuals’ communication styles in everything that we do.
  1. We will take responsibility for our emotions and reactions, reflecting and thinking about the best way to express our needs.
  1. We take ownership of our own time and work priorities and will say no if we have to
  1. We encourage and support a work-life balance which includes: supporting our wellbeing, taking breaks, using annual leave etc.
  1. We encourage people to have a say and share their views and ideas throughout all levels and areas of the organisation and strive to always be transparent in the decision-making process. 
  1. We will always seek to highlight achievements, celebrate good work and bring fun to the workplace.

If you’re interested in learning about our team’s well-being journey for yourself or have any suggestions of how we can improve our wellbeing practices, please message our well-being project manager Mona at mona.sorensen@esteem.org.uk