23 Dec 2022  |  Andy Nall-Cain

warm winter wishes from everyone on the ESTEEM team!

ESTEEM will now be closed for a week from Saturday, 24th December.

We’ll be restarting food deliveries on the 1st of January, and 1-2-1 support will restart on the 3rd of January.

As it’s staff wellbeing week from the 3rd-6th of January, group activities will restart with Boxing at Portslade Boxing Gym on Friday 6th of January at 2:00 pm.

Adam’s Father Christmas doodle 🙂

Christmas can be a challenging time for many. Keep an eye on our social media pages for some tips from Mona on how to become a winter wellbeing warrior!

If you’re looking for some extra support while we’re closed, we’ve also made a list of services you can contact for different support and advice below.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone and happy new year!

The ESTEEM Team.