30 Sep 2021  |  Daniel Storey

A few weeks ago, Thursday 9th to Friday 10th September, an ESTEEM team, made up of five young adults and five members of staff, embarked on a two-day, 22-mile hike across the South Downs.

A Young Adult hiker, Jackson, had this to say of the experience: “I really enjoyed the hike. It was my first time away with ESTEEM, and it was nice to get something that felt like a little holiday with them.”

Day 1

Leaving from the Old School House at 9 am, the team trekked eleven miles, breaking for lunch halfway, before arriving at the overnight destination; Lodge Hill. At Lodge Hill, the team took on some archery. 

Archery: done! Time to build the tents. 

Once it had gone dark, it was time for a campfire! 

After the campfire, the team turned in for the night, destined for a magnificent night’s sleep, right guys?

Day 2

As a dewy Friday morning rolled around, the team were up bright and early, ready for breakfast. They then plotted the day’s route, packed down the tents, and got back on the road.

Day two took the team through the scenic Amberley Wildbrooks Nature Reserve, before stopping for a well-deserved lunch break.

It was then back to it as the team hiked a further six miles, taking the day’s total to eleven miles, before meeting with the minibus and heading back to Old School House.

“For the final miles we were listening to music, to get us over the line, and The Proclaimers’ ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ came on, and we all danced and sang along as we were walking, it was great.” – Jackson.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this year’s hike such a success! 

The ESTEEM five-day Hike will be taking place in April 2022, so if you want to get involved be sure to drop us a message or an email for more information.

Email – hello@esteem.org.uk

“I would definitely recommend that people do the hike next year. It was really fun, and it also pushed me, but I was never forced to do anything I didn’t want to. They were really supportive of me the whole time.” – Jackson.