17 Sep 2019  |  Alex Mahoney


My week at ESTEEM was great, I learnt new skills such as how to use programs called Hootsuite and Canva to design and schedule posts for social media, and although the internet was temperamental, I enjoyed my week a lot. Thank you to everyone at ESTEEM for such an amazing week!



I felt excited before starting my work experience placement but also slightly nervous about stepping into a new place. When I arrived I was quickly made to feel welcome by Emma, who invited us in and gave us a quiz to give ourselves a tour of the building. After the quiz we were given a presentation to familiarise ourselves with the charity. Then we had our lunch break, when we met some of the young adults at ESTEEM, all of them were very friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed meeting the people here and learning about how the charity uses social media to promote itself and keep in touch with all its members. I’m looking forward to coming back tomorrow!



Today I arrived at ESTEEM, excited about carrying on with what was started yesterday. Today, I was taught how to use a program called Hootsuite, which helps keep track, plan and schedule social media posts.



I was tasked today with starting to create some social media posts on a website called Canva. The posts I designed were about the previous students on work experience and a thank you post for a company which donated for ESTEEM’s pride float, I then scheduled them to be posted on Hootsuite.



Today, I finished designing and scheduling the posts for social media which I started yesterday, and designed posters for a raffle that ESTEEM are running soon.



My last day at ESTEEM started with making posters and labels for a lemonade and orange juice stand which they were running at their local Co-Op later in the day, and making an Instagram story to advertise it. Then I helped set up the stall by carrying a table and a sign over to the Co-Op.