13 Jan 2021  |  Connor Jarvis

I started out at ESTEEM as a volunteer, dealing with small IT tasks and helping to manage ESTEEM’s social media channels. This volunteer position helped me greatly with my confidence, as well as providing me with some essential experience of working in an office environment. More of my thoughts from the time can be found here: https://esteem.org.uk/gaining-valuable-experience-at-esteem/

Almost a year into the position, I managed to help secure £91,700 of funding for ESTEEM’s new IT development project, ‘Connect’. As a part of this project, I was given a part-time 6-month contract at ESTEEM, to help guide the project to completion.

I am extremely grateful to have such an opportunity, as it has allowed me to further my experience in an IT environment, as well as making me both more independent and confident. (Not to mention the fact that it has given me financial stability during a very unstable 2020).

At the conclusion of this project, I hope to use what I have learned to find a full-time job in IT, furthering my career. (Although I would love to stick around with the wonderful folks at ESTEEM!)

I would wholeheartedly recommend ESTEEM’s youth volunteering scheme, as it has improved my future prospects immeasurably. If anyone is interested in volunteering for ESTEEM, more info can be found here: https://esteem.org.uk/youth-opportunities/