1 Jul 2019  |  Emma Edwards

We were delighted to be asked to present about ESTEEM to Breathe one of our sponsors a few weeks ago. During the presentation Heather gave this interview talking about her experience when getting involved with the organisation – check it out below, great to have you involved Heather.

ESTEEM: Hi Heather, how long have you been at ESTEEM? 

Heather: I have been at ESTEEM about a year and a half

E: What kind of activities have you taken part in? 

H: The activities i have taken part in are the Pyrenees hike in June last year, AGM, summer project, drop in trips to Truleigh hill and survival skills, Yoga, Brighton festival, Goodwood sculpture park, pinhole camera making and Brighton Ice Skating.

E: tell me more about the Pyrenees hike?

H: We flew out to France for a week where we were hiking different parts of the pyrenees starting in Germ and staying in hostels each night and ending up in Fos which was 90km in total. It was very tiring and hot  on some days as there was a total descent of 1400m. We were walking an average of 4 to 7 hours a day with breaks for water and lunch. I went out with 9 other young adults and 2 staff members from ESTEEM. To be able to go we had to fundraise £400.

E: You mentioned  ESTEEM’s Summer Project, can you tell me more about that?

H: This was varied activities throughout the summer which includes things like paddle boarding, windsurfing, cricket, rounders and paint-balling.It was with people inside and outside of ESTEEM and was run by students from Sussex University. They were doing these activities to see how activities impacted our moods and getting people active.

E: Can you tell us about mentoring and how it works? 

H: Mentoring is where you meet with an adult once a week who can help you with building more positive relationships and will also help and support you in making applications for work and education and help you to achieve goals around this. They can also help with life skills like making a budgeting plan. This works by filling out a mentor matching form with a staff member at ESTEEM. Who then find a mentor that they think will help and benefit you from the goals you want to achieve.

E: How does mentoring benefit you? 

H: Mentoring has benefited me by having someone with experience in the same career field that i would like to go into and guide me into the right direction that i need to go. I have also developed skills that I didn’t have before.

E: How did you hear about counselling at ESTEEM? 

H: I heard about counselling while talking to a staff member about issues that were going on and they then suggested that I might benefit from it.

E: How does counselling benefit you? 

H: Counselling has benefited me by talking about issues in more depth and understanding the issues a lot more. It has also benefited me by improving my confidence and concentration skills.