31 Jan 2019  |  Emma Edwards

Back in June ESTEEM members, staff and volunteers were offered the opportunity to complete a level 2 in Mental Health Problems. One of the young adults who took part in the course was Carlton who completed and passed the qualification in early January. 

Emma asked Carlton about how he found the course and what it might mean for this future plans. 

E: So tell me about how you found the course?

C: It was quite a struggle to be honest, trying to do the work. The last time I studied was when I was back in school, which was like 4 years ago

E: Did you enjoy the course?

C: Yeah learning new things and studying, there were some things like dementia, I didn’t know much about as obviously there are lots of different stages and types like 3 different types that you can get.

E: Do you feel it was worthwhile?

C: Yeah I learnt more about myself because obviously I’ve got like anxiety and depression and I’ve learnt more about how to cope with things and how to deal with it. 

E: How do you think it will benefit you?

C: I feel proud that I’ve completed it, it was a good challenge and I’m happy that I’ve passed it. I didn’t think I’d do it when I started – I was having doubts about it, it was difficult when all the information was there but you had to reword it in your own style. 

E: do you feel more confident now the course is finished?

C: Yeah, fairly I feel like I’ve made it achievable and its rewarding to be honest, like say if want to go into mental health work I’ll know more about what I’m doing and helping people as a job is more rewarding.

E: Do you think it will help in your future?

C: yeah defiantly it shows you what I can do, what I’ve passed on. So now that I have that what I’m planning to do is go back and complete my math and English and then I can get on with what I want to do. I don’t think I’d be thinking like this if I hadn’t done this course, now that I’ve done this I just feel more better in myself and there’s more things that I can actually do.