26 Jul 2021  |  Daniel Storey

We recently had the pleasure of having Brooke complete a week’s work experience with us at ESTEEM. During her time here, she undertook a number of tasks; from joining the weekly staff meeting and meetings regarding the future of ESTEEM, creating content for the social media pages and working in the front office.

At the end of the week she wrote a little bit about her time,

“I was super nervous about doing work experience, especially at ESTEEM, because other than knowing that it was a local youth charity and that I would be working mostly within the media and marketing section I didn’t really know what it involved or what to expect. It turned out to be one of the most interesting weeks I’ve ever had. 

“ESTEEM isn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced before, even the team meetings are enjoyable as everyone goes around and shares how their weeks have been and what they’ve been up to. Everything I saw and everyone I spoke to had said there was a ‘family feel’ to ESTEEM, and I thought it was just for marketing purposes but it’s true. After the first couple of hours of my first day I was meeting the team and being set up, I felt comfortable and welcome. Everyone, from the team to the young adults, were more than happy to help me with any issues I had and made me feel at ease. I didn’t feel any pressure if I did something wrong. 

“Normally, I don’t like sharing my own opinions or ideas to groups of people I don’t know, but by Wednesday I was more than happy to answer any questions around how young adults may feel about the projects they have coming up or plans for marketing. I think this became more evident, to me at least, on Thursday when I was invited to participate in meetings around new website plans and ideas surrounding the entry level of ESTEEM for new young adults. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself every single day of my work experience and would happily do it all again if it meant I could spend more time here with these people, learning new skills and building my own character as a teenager.”