2 Feb 2024  |  Andy Nall-Cain

Over the late Christmas period and during January, ESTEEM held two social events centred around board games. These were free to attend, open to the public and aimed to provide a place for both young and elderly members of the community to socialise.

The two sessions were organised by a mixture of ESTEEM staff and young adult volunteers. The ESTEEM team put together these open-day events to combat loneliness and isolation during the holiday period. Christmas can be quite an isolating and sometimes painful time for some people. We saw this as an opportunity to bring the younger and older generation together in a fun way that was not heavily focused on the festive side.

The first session, which took place on the 19th of December at the Lancing Parish Hall, went well. Alongside ESTEEM, the event was co-hosted by Electric Storm, a young people’s charity based in Lancing. We saw an impressive turnout, with the room filled with the bustle of over thirty people before the day’s end. 

True to the name, a delicious selection of biscuits, tea and baked goods, handmade by the ESTEEM team were served to guests throughout the afternoon. A large variety of board games was also enjoyed. With classics such as Scrabble, Chess, Battleship and Jenga, just to name a few.

Needless to say, we were very pleased to see everyone in the room engaged in conversation and enjoying their time.

We were also visited by a team from ITV News who briefly stopped by to cover the event, as well as interview volunteers for the two charities. The event was later featured on ITV Meridian during the evening news.

People mix at the Adur Community Cafe Board Game Event

The second, and most recent session occurred at the Adur Community Cafe on the 19th of January. This also saw an impressive turnout, with a number of the cafe’s regulars dropping in. All the game favourites made a return to the table alongside a fresh batch of delicious refreshments generously provided by the cafe’s staff.

It would be fair to say that we at ESTEEM were not quite expecting for so many people to hear about us in such a short length of time and we were thrilled that our little event garnered so much attention.

Among the organisers of the ESTEEM team was Amelia (pictured above left), who also put together the superb poster for the event. 

“Being part of this event was a great confidence booster and allowed me to see the benefits of mine and everyone else’s hard work. The turnout had exceeded our initial expectations, especially so, considering it was our first time doing something like this. Overall, it was a great success and I look forward to any future events we put on.”

All in all, the ESTEEM team as a whole is very pleased with the outcome and we consider it to be a brilliant success. So much so that we’re already planning more!

The next battle and biscuits is planned for the 10th of April at the Lancing Parish Warmer Hubs Space.

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Copy by RL (ESTEEM team volunteer)