13 Oct 2022  |  Andy Nall-Cain

We want your art submissions for the Culture Ground Exhibition at B.Fest! (Ages 14-26 Only)

This is a chance to have your art shown in a professional art exhibition and to have a chance to win two free cinema tickets to a cinema of your choice.

The theme ESTEEM young adults have chosen for our exhibition area is:

“What does wellbeing mean to me?”

You can submit any style of artwork that can be put up on a board. It can be something you’ve already made or something that you made especially for the exhibition.

Everyone who submits artwork will be included in a prize draw to win 2 cinema tickets and a small popcorn at a local cinema of your choice!

Different ways to submit your artwork:

  • Bring it into ESTEEM and give it to a member of staff
  • Send it as a digital e-mail to Andy (andy.nall-cain@esteem.org.uk) or Katie (Katie.Waters@esteem.org.uk)
  • Message Andy (+44 7395 313876) or Katie via WhatsApp (+44 7548 939964) or text for more info

DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 19th October at noon

All artwork submitted will go on display at B.Fest from Saturday the 22nd of October to Friday 28th of October*

When submitting your artwork please include:

  • The title of the piece (if it has one)
  • How you would like to be credited,
  • What (if any) caption you would like the artwork to have (Maximum of 100 words)

Check out the video from last years B.Fest Exhibition!

* As long as artwork is in line with ESTEEM values, made by a young adult, and can fit on our designated boards.