18 Nov 2019  |  Alex Mahoney

Being in Greece was an incredible experience. Stepping out of the plane and walking into a new country felt like a breath of fresh air and a chance to really come out of my shell. Getting to the resort and seeing the view of the sea and mountains from my hotel room felt amazing. The Neilson staff were really accommodating and supportive during activities which gave me a lot of confidence when trying new activities.




I had the opportunity to try loads of new things in Greece, and I tried to make the most of this whenever I could. I tried Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle-boarding and Kayaking for the first time in Greece, which I had always felt nervous about trying before. Being able to push myself to give these activities a go was a huge confidence boost for me, and I think that the location and supportive attitude of everyone around me played a huge part in this.

The evenings were spent playing games, chilling and connecting with everyone. It was really great to have a few laughs at the end of the day and get to know everyone a bit better.



We went to a local town during the week and looked around some of the shops. Everyone we talked to in town was really friendly and some taught us a few Greek phrases to use in conversation.

On our last day, we visited Athens. It was a little bit hectic to be in a big city after spending so long in the resort, but it was still amazing to see a bit of Greek Culture. We visited the Acropolis where you see all of Athens for miles around and walk to some of the ancient temples.




It was sad to say goodbye to Greece but I felt that I got a lot from this trip. Lots of people were telling me how much more confident I seemed to be after this trip and I definitely felt this myself. In the weeks before the trip I felt a bit nervous about going but looking back on it now I’m so glad that I went.