21 May 2021  |  Andy Nall-Cain

Now Available for Hire!

Alex outside ESTEEM
Alex has been an integral part of the team at ESTEEM, displaying commitment and attention to detail as he helped us sort out our procedures & policies. As Alex’s contract has come to an end we gave him a quick interview about his time here.

What have you been up to at ESTEEM?

While working at ESTEEM, I have managed files and folders, placing them in their right places, updating and making slight edits to them when required and updated and maintained a spreadsheet detailing all documents.

It was good work that required attention to detail and fitted my skillset. I’m quick at learning new skills.

What have you gained from your time at ESTEEM?

I gained much experience using google drive, calendar, docs and general document editing.

Alex working in the ESTEEM office

What kind of job would you like next?

I would like to work in a similar environment to this in future; I generally prefer small teams.

What skills would you say you applied at ESTEEM?

I think I am quite analytical and have good attention to detail; my work at ESTEEM required these skills, and I (hope I) did quite well.

Cat, our CO had this to say about Alex:

“Alex will be a valuable member of any team, and he’s been hugely helpful in his role at ESTEEM. He’s conscientious, has great attention to detail and is always there when he says he will be.”

If you’re looking to hire a new member of staff Alex could be a brilliant fit!

We’ll miss having you around at ESTEEM Alex, good luck with whatever comes next for you!