16 Jul 2019  |  Emma Edwards

It was a pleasure to have Ellice with us on work experience over the last week working in our media department. Read below as she shares her thoughts about her time with us and her work diary from the week.

Joining ESTEEM for the week was definitely a fun and educational experience. Everyone I was introduced to has a warm and bright personality and I was shown nothing but good hospitality during my time here. I got to learn new skills particularly with things to do with social media and how to maximise their use to make them more popular and effective. I learnt how to design and create digital posters. Not only did I gain more knowledge in the media side of the charity, but I also got an insight on the work they do with the local youth. From the drop ins to even the little things like advice and mentoring they offer, all of it have proven to be effective in helping the members of ESTEEM. I was even lucky enough to first hand experience their work at play. I attended one of their weekly drop-ins and participated in a ‘jam session’ with other members of the charity, and just from that I could see the positive impact they made on these young people. I enjoyed the media side of things, particularly designing and creating things for ESTEEM. 


First day started off a little rocky due to me being very tired from my commute from London at 5:30am. I was not 100% sure on what my job at ESTEEM would entail but my first impressions were fairly good; everyone was welcoming and friendly which made me feel a little bit more at ease. I was quite enthusiastic knowing that I would be involved in the social media aspect of the charity and finding ways to improve them. I had to take in a lot of information on the first day which was quite challenging especially learning how fast paced things worked around here and how crucial it is for me to be engaged. Despite my lack of energy in the beginning, I was proud of the positive feedback and criticism I could give back to the leaders of the team about their Instagram page as well as the idea of reaching out to more individual influencers and other organisations which could help expand ESTEEM.


Today we got the chance to accompany Emma to a meeting in Brighton to discuss arrangements for Pride Week with an organisation called Sanctuary Housing. I got to witness how meetings like these are structured and how discussion are taken place, it gave me a better insight on the working world. Arriving back at the office, I was given a task on creating a profile a person on someone who is in ESTEEM’s target audience. I learnt about how people’s likes, dislikes, interests and their lives would help the charity reach them and expand through social media. I was also given an induction on how to use Hootsuite, which makes it much easier for one person to manage their multiple social media accounts. I was also introduced to a website called Sprout Social. Sprout Social shows the best times to post for various social media platforms. I had some time to research a few potential influencers and other organisations that ESTEEM could get in contact with. I couldn’t find any individual influencers yet, but I managed to find two organisations; IMO and UK Youth. I got to put my new knowledge of Hootsuite in to use by posting my first ESTEEM tweet.


Most of the day was compiled with completing some tasks for ESTEEM. I learnt how to operate a design software called Canva, in which I applied these new skills to create a post for ESTEEM’s Instagram account and create a poster for a BBQ they are hosting with another company called BEC. On Wednesdays they have drop in sessions which I was able to join in for a while. I got to participate in a jam session with some of the people who came to the drop ins. It was nice to see the kind of work ESTEEM do with the young adults they help, and I was also impressed with the friendly atmosphere that occurs during these drop ins. I enjoyed today as I got to design some things digitally, which I’ve always liked doing, and participate in some of the activities that the charity offers. I was proud of what I could create and design, I thought they turned out quite good.


Today was mostly about social media. I learnt that when using different platforms of social media there are various tones you have to consider when writing captions as they all have different target audiences. For example, LinkedIn has an older demographic from ages 30 and above and is work based, so it is important to use more formal language when writing captions or figuring out what is appropriate to post. I adapted these skills to post information about ESTEEM’s monthly runs through the South Downs. I used the Hootsuite website to post them and the information from Sprout Social to figure out the best times to schedule the posts for. I got the chance to design a post for their social media about an interview they did with one of their members, using Canva.


The last day of work experience I finished off some assigned work from the previous day but it was mostly filled with designing some items for ESTEEM. Using Canva I created another poster for a BBQ and Rounders event ESTEEM is hosting. As it was our last day we got to be the first ones to test out the t-shirt presser by digitally designing then printing out the designs onto to tote bags. It was a nice way to give us a momentum of our time working at ESTEEM.