26 Jan 2022  |  Daniel Storey

After turning 27, Emily is moving on to exciting new adventures beyond ESTEEM! Emily is a very wise, curious and compassionate person who has been a brilliant part of ESTEEM since joining us in the summer of last year. A regular face at the Drop In and more recently our Volunteer 2 Work programme. We’ll miss her and can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

Our Media assistant Dan recently sat down to chat to Emily about her time at ESTEEM:

How did you find the Drop Ins and what were some of your favourite activities?

“I made loads of friends through Drop In, and I’ll stay in touch with lots of people. Everyone’s very nice at the Drop In. I learned all sorts of new stuff there.

“I liked ice skating at Christmas. I know the hike’s not a Drop In session, but I liked the hike. I also enjoyed all of the arty-crafty stuff that we do, and all the cooking stuff as well.”



It’s a thumbs up from Emily on the ESTEEM hike!

How was your experience of V2W and the monthly workshops?

“I liked V2W because I got to work on my own project and use my creative skills, but there was also a lot of working as a team, and listening to each other, and caring for each other. Like supporting each other through different situations.

“I’ve learned some new skills from the workshops too, like using spreadsheets.”

What do you feel you’ve gained from your time at ESTEEM?

“Well that confidence. ESTEEM’s brought me out of my shell a bit, it gave me quite a lot of confidence. I was nervous about joining ESTEEM but everyone made me feel very welcome, making me more confident about making friends too.

“Everyone’s just really nice at ESTEEM, very supportive with different things that you’re upset about or anything that you have concerns about. There are loads of people who are great to sit down and chat to when you’re upset or have a problem; like Jinx and Cat.”

And finally, what does the future look like for you?

“I’m hoping to become a crew trainer at work at some point. When I can build up to it and get all the paperwork sorted for it.

“I’d also like to get involved with ESTEEM again as an adult volunteer at an appropriate time in the future.”