13 Apr 2017  |  Cat Vizor

Five minutes with one of our young adult’s at Esteem, Woodie!



Woodie is one of our young adults at Esteem; he has been part of the Esteem team for a year now. Woodie discovered Esteem through a Lloyds TSB Community Help Day of which was at our office in Shoreham.


At this community help day Woodie discovered the range of opportunities available at Esteem. He was eager to learn further regarding the charity and how we empower young people, aged 14-­26 years, who have been either through the Statutory Care system or are classified as “NEET”, (Not in Education, Employment or Training). This is through confidence building events, activities, courses and volunteering opportunities, ESTEEM provides a platform for young people to help themselves on their journey to achieving employment and their own, true life goals.


Over the year Woodie has been attending our Drop-In sessions each week (every Monday and then Wednesdays with creative arts organisation, Company Paradiso). Here he is able to socialise with other young adults and create new friendships. This week at the drop in they took part in a wood work session, creating butter spreading knifes!



-Here is our quick fire chat with Woodie on his Esteem experience.. 


How long have you been here at Esteem?

“A year, I lived in shared accommodation, and found out about Esteem through a Lloyd’s TSB community help day arranged by Esteem of which I had seen advertised on Facebook” (@esteemuk).


What do you like about Esteem?

“Er, it give’s you a sense of normality, a social setting, and a chance to build relationships with other young people, of which I found difficult before. I have made loads of friends in the year I have been here, its great.”


How does Esteem help you?

“It gives me a reason/ something to do everyday, I get up early in the morning to come here. I am now the Office and Project Assistant and help run errands, answer the phone etc. The opportunity has helped me to develop new skills such as answering the phone professionally.”


What’s your favourite activity you have been apart of at Esteem?

“The Italy trip was great, I made friends with a lot of people and it was a great experience to meet new people. The trip involved exploring Italian culture and went to visit many places in Rome and some other places.”


Thanks for your time Woodie!



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