5 Dec 2016  |  Cat Vizor

“Hello there, just to let you know that after careful consideration we have decided to offer you the job! Welcome to our organization”


This is the email we all wait for after those painful months of job seeking, anxiety and wondering.

But what happens in the meantime? We all know what we’ve been through but what were the challenges that the Human Resources department had to face?

For sure, one of them was filtering the hundreds of CVs that they get every day. According to Mel Stanford, one of our mentors here at Esteem with lots of experience in the recruitment area, for every one hundred CVs received, only 3/4 would get to the interview stage.

Time is precious for decision makers and a waste of it can be a massive shake in their task management. So how does your CV can stand out from others and how can you increase your chances of your CV not get lost in the process?
According to Mel, these are the 10 most important tips for your CV to reach the decision maker hands:

1. Never more than 2 x A4 page too long or interest is lost.

2. Start with your contact details and a short intro paragraph.

3. Condense your qualifications, with highest or specific to job applied for qualification highlighted

4. Always start with your most recent employment first and in date order.

5. Make sure you detail your last job, highlighting any areas related to the job you’re applying for.

6. But keep your job history short, only highlighting areas within past employment related to job applied for.

7. Finalise your CV with hobbies, sports and achievements that indicate that you are a team player.

8. Always tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for.

9. If you have a website or online contact build this into your contact details or more specifically within your recent employment record.

10. Make sure your CV is grammatically correct and – above all – interesting!

We all know there are no guaranteed formulas but meeting these guidelines certainly helps.

Good luck to all of you and keep going!!!
P.S: Are you a Recruiter yourself? Have any tips to had to our list? Leave a comment bellow…