Who’s it for? 🙋🏾

All ESTEEM opportunities are for young adults aged 14-26.

If you’re 26+ you can support us.

What’s it all about? 🤔

At ESTEEM, we create space for young adults to take part in all sorts of enjoyable activities.

From movie nights to a trip to a Greek island, whatever the activity, we always create a supportive space where everyone is welcome.

Our activities are divided into two age brackets.

Activities for 18-26 Year Olds...

Drop In (button)

Boxing (button)

Activities for 14-17 Year Olds...

young adults play table tennis


Trips (button)

Boxing (button)

Button with people kayaking - text: WYD Wednesday

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From filmmaking to boxing and counselling, there's something for everyone at ESTEEM.