Achieve your creative dreams

Join a supportive, creative community with access to professional equipment



The creative collective is a space with the resources and peer support for young creatives to develop and publish their amazing creative projects.

It also includes a ‘community’ membership, open to charities and local community groups.


Illustration of two young people playing keyboard and listening to music next to a desk

What's involved?

Members of the collective will be able to use our new creative suite for free. with access to cutting edge creative equipment which can be used for:

🎤 Music production
🎨 Digital Illustration
🎙️ Podcasting
📸 Photography & Editing
📹 Live streaming
🎥 Film Production & Editing

💡 They can also attend the collective 'Creative Power Up' Meetings. Once a month meetings aimed at helping us find collaborators, get our projects finished and shared widely.

How to get involved?

There is an introduction session to the creative collective on Tuesday 13th February at ESTEEM. Everyone is welcome.

The 'Creative Power Up' Meetings will happen once a month (The first one is on Tuesday 20th February.

Get in touch with Andy if you'd like to get involved or have any questions

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