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Tom talks about The Trader’s Coins

Marlipins Museum

My favourite artefact at the Marlipins Museum – the trader’s coins!

At the Marlipins Museum there were many brilliant artefacts such as a celebratory cup from before the Russian Revolution and a washed up orange from the Tudor times, but in the end, I my favourite artefact was a collection of coins that date from around 1763 to approximately 1859 and from a range of countries such as Japan, China and French Morocco.

As I identified the countries and time that these coins originated from, I started to think that they may have come from the same crew therefore they were documenting accounts of voyages from that time that they went to all or most of those countries. However, the timing became a problem because there is a 96-year difference between them, so in my opinion the coins may have come from two or three generations of a maritime family that had past the coins down as heirlooms or for further trading in their countries of origin and there are examples of trading family from Shoreham that did that.

Tom talks about the Trader’s coins

By Tom