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Visualising History in Shoreham is a digital journey through Shoreham-by-Sea’s local history, researched and designed by children from Shoreham Academy, with supervision from youth charity Esteem!

The project is composed of Stories, some using video and some written with accompanying photographs, of artefacts and places that the VHS team visited, studied and researched through the year.

The Team

Name: Cameron

About Cameron

Hello I am Cameron and I am a Year 8 student at Shoreham Academy. I am an ALL-ROUND-NERD, and proud of it. At least 80% of my time (when not in school) is spent on my Xbox. When not playing games I love to wakeboard and play badminton. This project has been great, really thought-provoking, it’s been so interesting finding out about the history of Shoreham.

Name: Rebecca M.

About Rebecca M.

Hi there, I am Rebecca, and I am in my final year at Shoreham Academy. When not doing school work or revising for my GCSEs I can usually be found writing stories, singing, cooking and reading. My favourite subjects at school are History, English and Maths. I loved doing this project. I have always been curious to find out more about the history of Shoreham.

Name: Reilly

About Reilly

Hi my name is Riley and I am a Year 10 student at Shoreham Academy. I am not your usual teenager. Firstly I am an Army Cadet, and at the time of writing this I am Lance Corporal. As well as that I play board and video games and reading books. I am a total nerd, and I love learning new things. At school I take geography, history, computer science and creative media. I’ve loved working on this project.

Name: Torrin

About Torrin

My name is Torrin, I am 13 years old. I am a total nerd and utter history geek! In my spare time I love to research history and play with my Lego. I find history, especially our local history, really interesting. I am very lucky that I can remember everything I have read, as I have a photographic memory. I was really excited to be even a small part of this project as it si history that happened right here where we live. It’s all around us, and that is so cool!

Name: Tom

About Tom

Name: Emma

About Emma

Name: Joseph

About Joseph

Name: Phoebe

About Phoebe

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