Life Stories


Here’s a few things our young people have said about their work with ESTEEM,



“Because I have volunteering on my CV, I now have a job and nothing is holding me back,”






“Volunteering with Esteem has given me the confidence to pursue my creative passions and I now have a job in photography,”






“I would like to share with you my experiences with Esteem and how they’ve helped me. I’ve been unemployed since December and suffer immensely from social anxiety. Having received some financial support from the job center and have plenty of unsuccessful job interviews. I felt very depressed and worthless as a capable young adult with no place or role in society. I approached Esteem for help and they offered me the opportunity to participate in the 60 mile hike in the traumatarma mountains in Majorca. This gave me something to aim for. Something to accomplish and conquer. Not only did I have the physical challenge to contend with I also had the social element as well. I was going abroad for the first time to walk a great distance, with a group of people I didn’t know. Whilst I won’t pretend it was an easy week, I will tell you it was a trans-formative one. As you will see from the photographs, I managed to integrate with the group and enjoy pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Once it was over I felt a great sense of achievement and my confidence was such that I asked if I could take on a position as a volunteer within Esteem. I am now producing marketing material and event press releases to help promote the charity and encourage others to get involved. After completing the hike I am participating in several self development sessions with Esteem. I suggested to Cat that I share my experiences with you. I hope my role with Esteem will evolve and grow as time goes on. Although its unpaid the value is immeasurable. I feel like an have an important role in a charity that helps young people become who they want to be. Thank you very much.”