Get Mentored

One of our key actions at ESTEEM is offering Mentoring for young people aged 14-26.


“As a Mentor I help young people believe in themselves and progress in life,” – Mel, Mentor

Here a young person can get 1:1 vocational mentoring from an appointed and experienced member of the community, bringing to the table advice in areas such as:


Mentor Me is a one-year project offering 75 young people 1:1 Vocational Mentoring opportunities of those aged 14-26 in the South East Coast areas for 1 hour per week for approximately 2-6 months per person (this is just a baseline as some will need more and others less).

Mentor Me invites up to 30 skilled and experienced members of the community who have a little time and energy to invest in the local younger generation; helping them to discover what they want to do with their lives, how to gain the confidence to achieve it and identifying career and personal development goals.

This inter-generational project can have a positive effect on the well-being and inclusion of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, for both the mentee and mentor alike. By matching young people with a mentor who has relevant life or career experience, both can feel empowered and inspired by this mutually beneficial arrangement.

If you’d like to Get Mentored, please enquire