Our space is urgently needed this season, so we have opened up our building to the local community and young people more than ever.

As our bills rise, we are asking for your support to help us cover our heating costs and to create a giant community blanket.

Young Adult George holds up a crochet square

ESTEEM Young Adult volunteer George Lake is an enthusiastic knitter and has come up with the idea of asking the community to crochet a blanket together.


Everyone is invited to contribute a square. We’ll combine everyone’s crocheted squares to create a wonderfully warm and cosy blanket.

The blanket will live in ESTEEM’s wellbeing and counselling room, ready for any young person wanting to keep warm and cosy.


ESTEEM Wellbeing Room

ESTEEM’s wellbeing room

Simply follow the instructions below to crochet your square, and hand it in by to us at ESTEEM.

A square is relatively straightforward to make, even if it’s your first time crocheting!


photo of a single crochet square

How to make a crochet square

Need materials and hooks? You can collect wool and hooks from ESTEEM.

Please use double knit (DK) wool and a 4mm crochet hook. Squares will need to be eight rounds/roughly 15cmx15cm so they will all fit together in the blanket, and remember – the more squares, the merrier!

We’re keeping our doors open to the community.

We need your support to keep our building warm and running.