ESTEEM is committed to becoming an anti-racist organisation. We are actively working to reflect on our own practice and dismantle systems of oppression, in ourselves, in our organisation, and in society at large. We understand that this does not happen overnight or through statements, and we are committed to real change.

You can see our strategic roadmap in this document. Our work is being led by the CO and supported by a working group of 8 members of staff who will report progress updates regularly as a standing agenda item at our staff team meetings.

Our work will include:

  • Building awareness and connections with other local organisations to:
  • Build relationships and offer support to local inclusive organisations.
  • Undert
  • Reviewing and amending our employment terms and conditions to reduce barriers to employment.
  • Regularly meeting as an affinity group to think critically about our

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We have created a working group of

  • Adam
  • Sasha
  • Jinx
  • Joel
  • Emma E
  • Cat
  • Mona

This strategy has buy in from across our organisation and is being led by our CO Cat Vizor. Our strategy follows a four stage process broadly covering the following areas:

1) Review and Research

2) Improving our Communication

3) Creating Anti-Racist Spaces, and

4) Accountability and Embedding Equality at ESTEEM.

You can read more about this strategy in this working document.