Youth Volunteering


Volunteering at ESTEEM means you can make a real difference at our charity while learning new skills, making friends and being a valued member of a team.

Volunteer in one of our exciting roles!


What’s in it for you?


It looks great on your CV!

Whether it’s presenting a workshop, attending meetings as our representative or organising fundraising events, our voluntary opportunities give you the chance to develop new skills and gain confidence. You’ll also get to see from the inside, how charities work and whether you might feel suited to make your career in the charity sector.


Don’t have much spare time?

It’s true that volunteering requires commitment and dedication but we can help find a role that suits you no matter your ability, background or life experience – we offer equal for ALL!.

Some voluntary positions can be shared, while others only require a couple of hours per week.


What we expect from you:

To fulfill your volunteer role to the best of your ability;

To follow ESTEEM’s policies, procedures and standards, including health and safety and equal opportunities, in relation to its staff, volunteers and participants;

To maintain the confidential information.

To meet the time commitments and standards which have been mutually agreed to and to give reasonable notice so other arrangements can be made when this is not possible;

Employers are always impressed to see prospective employees actively involved in the world around them and you will be able to describe your activities with ESTEEM with confidence. We are also affiliated with outset youth (, so all young people aged 13-25 can get a nationally recognised accreditation for their voluntary work.  We will be happy to give you a glowing reference, too.

To apply,

If you’d like to volunteer for us, please enquire